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Cantrip Cafe

Co-Creator and Lead Artist

January - April 2018

Cantrip Cafe is a zesty, zany combat restaurant game, where you and up to 3 friends play as witches to both serve the hungry customers of your cafe, as well as protect them from bloodthirsty monsters. Upgrade a variety of spells and unlock their ultimate abilities to fend off various monsters such as zombies, werewolves, and shades, all while keeping your guests happy. Or, play against your friends in Versus Mode and see who can be the ultimate witch waitress.

Play it now on or Steam!

My partner and I worked side-by-side throughout the entirety of Cantrip Cafe's creation, from conception to completion. We worked together to design the game experience, as well as balance the core mechanics to keep the game fair and engaging. We also communicated with a student at the Berklee School of Music, and conveyed our audio and composition desires to him to create an informative and pleasant soundscape. 

My personal responsibilities for the game were the art assets and UI designs and systems. I also helped design the flow of the gameplay, as well as the tutorial. I additionally played a usability role, helping to playtest the game and making changes based on players' needs, in order to create the best player experience possible.

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